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About Thors Schmiede

The story of...

the Thors Schmiede began in the year 1995 with a legendary criminal incident, which shook our beautiful Schleswig at the Schlei.

The team of the bookstore Liesegang had the idea for showcasing a new historical novel by decorating the shop window with medieval props. No sooner was the showcase equipped with all the trimmings, a burglary took place in the very first night:
Helmet, shield, sword, the whole display was stolen! What a shock, something that does not often happen in our peaceful town.

While an attempt was made to find an explanation for the slump, we suddenly realized: There is an urgent demand, according to medieval Props - and we wanted to meet this demand.
So we did our homework and assembled an assortment, to give a legal access to those coveted articles for those interested in medieval times. Thors Schmiede (Thors forge) was founded.
Today, our team if formed of employees, who have made their medieval hobby into a profession. Each of us brings in his passion, knowledge and experiences in order to offer our customers a great range of items. Activly rooted in the scene, we know what we are talking. Wir like to assist
you in all your questions and wishes around our common theme with words and deeds. We pay great attention to the quality of our products and offer only what convinced ourselves. Your satisfaction is important to us and is our mission, because we know that if you're happy, then we have done a good job.

In addition to our online shop we offer you also the personal service in our store in Schleswig. Visit us and test our swords, garments, jewelry, and the entire range of products. We invite you cordially. From personal experience we know that some products must be inspected before buying. Here, we can advise you.
Those, who can not come to Schleswig and want to order in our online shop, we offer a great service. We stand for simple shopping, a packed storage, short delivery times and an accommodating conversion and redeeming process. And when you are interested in an article we do not keep: Write us, we like to help you and surely could support you in finding a solution!
Your path to us:
We look forward to meet you!
Thors Schmiede is your mail order company for medieval & Co. since 1996. In addition to our online shop, we operate in Schleswig at the Schlei a shop inside the bookstore Liesegang.

In addition, you can meet us and our market stall on the Viking days in 2016, from 29. to 31. July 2016 in Schleswig, and on the Heider Marktfrieden from 14. to 17. July 2016.
Jan Breede and his team, of are activly rooted in the medieval scene, and have turned their hobby into a profession. All bring their passion, knowledge and experience into Thors Schmiede. Please call us, write us a lot or visit us often - we are here for you and your wishes.

We stand for carefully selected products, fair prices, consulting with dedication and accommodation service. With us you get with great expertise everything from one source. Our warehouse is bulging and shopping with us is quite simple and convenient. We from Thors Schmiede are looking forward to meet you, and we are very grateful to have the best customer in the world.