Armaments in the Middle Ages

The armour was just as important as weapons in the Middle Ages. Not only the body armor, but also shields belong to this topic. More about this later . . .

The subject of armor is very diversified. There were many ways to protect oneself and one's husbands for various fights and war tactics. From the simple, lightly armed archers to the heavy armour rider in full armor, many fragments have been found and reconstructed. Even the material of the armor parts was very changeable. Classically there was leather and metal, but also wood, paper, horn and even silk were used for armor.

The personal armor also reflected the social status of a warrior. For a knight of high standing, it was essential to wear a custom-made armor. This was very expensive, but brought to the people and in the various tournaments. Poor knights, on the other hand, took what they could get. Even if these armor parts didn't necessarily fit perfectly and looked like diced pieces. In that case, the armor parts such as helmets, plate gloves and armor shoulders were only to protect.

The shield was both armour and a protection weapon. Different shapes also brought different possibilities. Whether the large, up to 110cm in diameter, round shields or the handy and movable drop shields, also applied here: depending on the application.

In our armour section you'll find everything you need for the next battle. Whether early, late or high Middle Ages, we have something for everyone. Chain mail shirt, helmet, gambeson and co. are already waiting for you.