Weapons in the Middle Ages

Basics of Medieval Weapons

In the Middle Ages weapons could basically be divided into four categories. In these categories, weapons are subdivided according to type and purpose. Protective weapons, offensive weapons, everyday weapons/tools and tournament weapons.

This is where we deepen the two categories of offensive and practical weapons. In the Middle Ages most weapons, tools of the common man were. In combat swords, sabers, daggers and swords were rarely encountered as these weapons contained a lot of metal and were therefore very expensive. Tools such as axes, utility knives and spears / gere were also used for defence purposes.

The tools have been further developed so that "real" weapons were created. As an example we have here the Danish axe, which due to its length could no longer be used as a utility axe and is to be regarded as a pure war tool. Also from the farmers' normal flail, a war flail was developed for the actual fight. In the Middle Ages there were no limits to fantasy.

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