Bows & Crossbows

Arches in the Middle Ages

Bows and crossbows have a very old tradition in human history. In the beginning this tool was used for bow hunting. The bow is still in use today as a hunting weapon.

Man distinguishes here between long bows, such as the Viking or English-Walsh archers, and composite bows, equestrian bows, the Huns and Syrian archers. This rifle was made by the local bowmaker and was quite cheap to make, because only wood and other inexpensive materials were used


This weapon has often been underestimated. However, archers have often even decided big battles. In contrast to the aristocratic army of knights, commanded by a duke, the archers were recruited from the peasantry and were under the command of a low nobility. The tactic was to make arrows rain unintentionally in a 43 degree arc, up to 350m on the opponent. In the Battle of Crécy, 6000 archers were used. This army managed to surrender up to 72000 arrows in one minute, which was deadly for the enemy. Contrary to the arrow rain, one tried to use the to hit armour gaps to 70m.

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