medieval tents

Middle-aged tents

Also in the Middle Ages, if you may call it that, there was the term camping. Nobles and their entourage travelled to the tournaments and also to the big battles with their tents. There was a big difference: the good, pompous tents were used for the tournaments, the old worn tents were used for the battles. At that time there was already a trend towards a second tent.

Tents are enormous status symbols on the markets and underline, with a cosy and original furnishings, the role and character of the resident.

The travellers were very inventive at their mobile accommodations. The tent was not allowed to take up much space during transport and had to be quick and easy to set up. Protection from the weather was also extremely important.

Various eras and local circumstances therefore produced different types of tents. You can be sure that we offer top quality tents. Our tents are mainly made of impregnated cotton. That means for you: building, furnishing and feeling good. No fear of rain and other weather conditions. No matter whether it is a single-mast, twin-mast or wedge tent, we can supply you at fair prices!

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