Worth to know

Pots and pans made of iron

Our pots and pans of iron must be thoroughly cleaned and baked before the first use.

Baking makes the dishes more durable and you have not to worry about pollutants from the production of the article.

The steps of branding explained:


  1.     First, the pot or the pan must be thoroughly washed. This is the only process where you use detergent to remove any production residue.
  2.     Once you are through with this step, dry thoroughly.
  3.     The cookware is now rubbed thoroughly with highly-heatable oil (for example sunflower oil). This can be done easily with a piece of kitchen paper.
  4.     Now the cookware must be heated. The pot or pan can be placed in an oven at 200 degrees celsius.
  5.     Now you have to make sure that the oil begins to form smoke. The smoke point was thus achieved. Remove the cookware from the oven (caution: hot!) and let it cool slowly.
  6.     Finally, one should wash the cookware with hot water. (Not any more with detergent!). The cookware is now ready for use.

Always use only water for cleaning , dry thoroughly and then apply some oil. So one has continued enjoyment of this cookware.